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Client info logger
1st create ONE table (not four) as follows:- 
CREATE TABLE statinfo ( 
   browser text NOT NULL, 
   date text NOT NULL, 
   host text NOT NULL, 
   referer text NOT NULL 
Then in the php3 file use the following code to populate it. 
$connection = mysql_connect("localhost","login_name","password") or die ("Unable to connect to MySQL server."); 
$db = mysql_select_db(YOUR_DATABASE_NAME) or die ("Unable to select requested database"); 
$browser = $HTTP_USER_AGENT; 
$date = date("F jS Y, h:iA"); 
if ($REMOTE_HOST == "") {$host = $REMOTE_ADDR;} 
else {$host = $REMOTE_HOST;} 
if( empty( $HTTP_REFERER ) or '' == $HTTP_REFERER ) {$HTTP_REFERER = 'No Referer';} 
mysql_query ("INSERT INTO statinfo (browser, date, host, referer) VALUES ('$browser','$date','$host','$HTTP_REFERER' )");